Advantages and disadvantages of Tofu cat litter and Crystal cat litter

Crystal cat litter can be reused after cleaning, but usually no one is willing to do so, because used cat litter can be very dirty and smelly, which can be disgusting to wash. The effect of using cat litter after cleaning can be greatly reduced, and the cat’s nose is very sharp, and if it smells incorrect, it may be rejected for use. Cat owners may wish to try a more convenient cat litter to clean, and flush it directly into the toilet, which is easier and labor-saving.

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1. Tofu cat litter is soluble in water and easy to clean. Crystal cat litter is insoluble in water. When used, it needs to be piled up and thrown away. Although it can be used for a second time, the cleaning process can be quite disgusting and unacceptable to most people, and the cat litter used for a second time can be relatively broken and difficult to use, so most people do not choose to use the cat litter for a second time. Cat owners may wish to choose tofu cat litter that can be flushed directly into the toilet. Although it cannot be used twice, the amount of tofu cat litter used each time is very small, and it is relatively easy to use. It can be washed away directly when dissolved in water, making cleaning more convenient.
2. The tofu cat litter is relatively easy to handle. The ingredients of the tofu cat litter are tofu dregs or bean dregs fibers, and the texture is relatively light, making it easier to handle. If the cat owner has less strength or doesn’t want to work too hard, try using tofu cat litter. This type of cat has a light sand texture, making it easier for even thin girls or children to carry and replace.
3. Don’t worry about tofu cat litter. Some crystal cat litter is toxic for cats to consume by mistake, and cats are not as safe to use. It would be different if it were tofu cat litter. The ingredients of tofu cat litter are natural tofu dregs, which are relatively safe. If a cat in the family likes to play with cat litter and eat it, owners of this type of cat litter don’t have to worry about what problems the cat may have. Cat owners can try some regular brands of cat litter, such as Meow Want Tofu. However, cat owners should also try to prevent cats from eating litter when they see them, otherwise they have developed a habit of using other litter to eat into their stomachs in the future.

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