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The advantages of bentonite cat litter are that it has a good clumping effect, strong water absorption ability, can quickly coagulate cat urine and cat poop, and the deodorizing effect is also good. In addition, the particles of bentonite cat litter are relatively small, and the cat’s fragile little feet are more comfortable to step on.

  • Application: Cat
  • Operation Type: OEM ODM
  • Size: Medium, Large, OEM ODM
  • Waterproof: Not Waterproof
  • Packaging: Customizable
  • Features: Dust-Free
  • Flavor: Can Customize a Variety of Flavors
  • Transport Package: Logistics Woven Bags or Cartons
  • Origin: China
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    What do you know about bentonite cat litter? Shovel officers look over!

    It is said that cat food can be bought later, but cat litter must not be delayed for a moment! What kind of cat litter did the shovelers choose for their cats? If you are still struggling with it, why not take a look at this sharing.

    Tailor-made product solutions for you, Yiheng diamond bentonite cat litter

    We know that bentonite is actually a non-metallic mineral, the main component is montmorillonite, so this also makes bentonite have the characteristics of adsorption and expansion, so in addition to the chemical field, it is actually a suitable material for making cat litter. The characteristics of bentonite can be well adapted to the needs of cats and cats and have many advantages.

    First of all, due to the good adsorption of bentonite, bentonite cat litter has good water absorption, cats and cats after going to the toilet, bentonite cat litter can fully absorb urine and part of the water contained in feces. In this way, the shovel officers are more convenient and relaxed when cleaning, and it is also relatively clean and convenient. At the same time, the adsorption of bentonite can also reduce the volatilization of some odors, make our indoor fresher, and avoid troubles caused by odors. Of course, this also needs to be cleaned and replaced in time!

    In addition, the swelling properties of bentonite make it a cat litter that can provide a good and comfortable toilet environment for cats and cats. Generally speaking, bentonite cat litter is relatively small particles, so more delicate and soft, our cats and cats step on bentonite is very soft and comfortable, which helps cats and cats to better excrete, to avoid pet excretion difficulties caused by the toilet environment and other problems. Who wouldn't want our cat owners to be comfortable everywhere!

    And the price of bentonite cat litter is also more reasonable, it can be said that it is very cost-effective cat litter! If you're still struggling with which cat litter to choose, try bentonite cat litter!

    Of course, each cat has different habits and preferences, so we still have to see if our cat can adapt and like it. If we find that our cat is sensitive to bentonite materials or feels uncomfortable, we must also adjust in time. After all, the love of cats and cats is the most important!

    Having said that, today's sharing is nearing its end. As a non-metallic mineral resource, bentonite has applications in many fields. Bentonite cat litter, as a cost-effective cat litter, is a good choice for us when buying cat litter. If you feel that today's sharing is necessary, you can share it with your friends! If you want to know more, please follow us.

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