Sodium-based calcium-based bentonite isolate for rubber

Reagents used to effectively prevent film sticking.

Organic combination of rubber isolates, stearic acid derivatives, special anti-sticking agents, special surfactants, ultrafine powders and other materials.

  • Chinese name: Eheng rubber isolate
  • Foreign name: The rubber isolator
  • ash content: 55.0%~70.0%
  • appearance: Off-white powder
  • pH: (3% aqueous solution) 9~11
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    The composition of the separator is similar to the composition of rubber products, which does not affect the vulcanization rate of the rubber and does not affect the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber material.

    The isolation effect is excellent, and the holding time is long, and the film is stored for more than one month and still has a good isolation effect.

    In the process of using the compound rubber with water dispersion, there are few bubbles.

    This product is weakly alkaline and does not corrode equipment.

    Does not contain toxic and harmful substances, harmless to human body.


    Store indoors, dry and ventilated, storage period of 18 months. After the storage period, it can still be used after passing the inspection.


    Other related information

    Effectively prevent film adhesion, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs.

    The use concentration is 2%~4%, which can be adjusted appropriately according to the type of rubber and season

    Universal eco-friendly bentonite rubber separator

    Separator is an addition that plays a role in isolation, film separator in rubber processing, is an operational auxiliary, its main function is to prevent the surface of film or semi-finished rubber from bonding to each other, often used in raw rubber and rubber plastic, mixing, tablet pressing and molding operations.

    Used in the production of rubber compound, can improve the rapid dispersion of carbon black and inorganic reinforcing filler in the rubber, the dispersion effect is very good, and at the same time has a good anti-stick release effect, the internal lubricity reduces the shear force required for mixing, so it can improve the mixing efficiency, greatly improve the fluidity of the compound, and improve the process performance of the rubber, can be widely used in various rubber ingredients, does not affect the adhesion of the rubber and the physical properties of the finished product, the effect is remarkable.

    1. The aqueous solution of Yiheng Diamond Bentonite can form a thin isolation film on the rubber surface, which plays a role in preventing the adhesion of raw film and semi-finished rubber parts. The role of rubber parts adhering to each other.
    2. Yiheng diamond bentonite avoids the dust of traditional powder separator during use, and a small amount of separator mixed into the rubber will not affect the processing, nor will it affect the physical properties of the vulcanized product.
    3. The surface of Yiheng diamond bentonite film is beautiful, and the on-site operating environment is clean.
    4. Before the operation of Yiheng bentonite, stir the aqueous solution of the diluted separator with water, which is conducive to the uniform dispersion of the separator after stirring. When diluting with water, stir while adding water until the required amount of water is added.
    5. Yiheng diamond bentonite is used in sealing strips, hoses, medical rubber stoppers, molded products and other industries.
    Bentonite isolate Function: Isolation is not - medium liquid femoral piece isolation Hong on the surface of Buddha glue to form a thin layer of protective exhibition, because of the unruthless piece. Attachment of semi-finished rubber products.

    How to use: The viscosity of the isolant is low, so it can be directly dissolved at the required concentration. The ratio of separator to water is 1:7~10.
    Product characteristics: 1. No adverse effect on the viscosity of the rubber. 2. During use, dilution can be flexibly controlled. 3. After use, no foam or dust will form on the surface of the rubber material. 4. Environmental protection for on-site use.
    Storage conditions: 1. Good ventilation. 2. Room temperature moisture-proof. 3. Keep away from fire.

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