Casting coating bentonite

  • Overview of Bentonite for Foundry

    Overview of Bentonite for Foundry

    Foundry basics.
    Currently, the total proven reserves of bentonite in the world are about 2.5 billion tons, with the largest reserves in the United States, China, and Russia, accounting for about 3/4, followed by Spain, Greece, and Germany.
    Calcium based bentonite accounts for about 70 to 80% of the world’s bentonite deposits, while sodium based bentonite has a small reserve, mainly in the western state of Wyoming in the United States. Therefore, it is commonly referred to as western bentonite in the United States.
    Currently, the annual production of bentonite in the world is about 10 million tons, including about 5-6 million tons in the United States, 2.5-3 million tons in China, 600000 tons in Japan, and about 500000 tons in Spain, Greece, and Germany.
    In Japan, the annual consumption of bentonite is about 800000 tons, with the foundry industry accounting for about 35% of the consumption. Japan imports about 200000 to 220000 tons of bentonite from the United States and China each year.

  • Bentonite for coatings

    Bentonite for coatings

    Casting coating is a kind of coating sprayed on the inner wall of the mold in the high-end fine casting process, and its function is to make the surface finish of the casting good, while avoiding the sticking phenomenon between the workpiece and the mold. It is convenient for the workpiece to be removed from the mold. The coating is available in liquid or powder form.