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Cat food, also known as cat food, is a general term for the food eaten by pet cats. Cat food exercises and cleans cat teeth and has some oral health benefits. High-quality cat food generally pays attention to balanced nutrition, which can ensure the cat’s daily demand for high protein and trace elements.

Cat food is generally easy to store and easy to use, greatly saving pet feeding time and catering to a fast-paced lifestyle. There are many cat food brands on the market, the price ranges from a few pieces a pound to hundreds of pieces a pound, cat friends can choose the right price of cat food according to their own economic conditions, convenient and economical.

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Basic Information

  • Chinese name: Cat food
  • Foreign name: Cat Food
  • alias: Cat food
  • Main raw materials: Shrimp, fish, chicken, beef, cereals
  • Whether it contains preservatives: Be
  • Main nutrients: Protein, fat
  • Main edible effects: Oral health care
  • side effect: Drinking insufficient water can lead to dehydration
  • Storage method: Dry
  • Nutrients: Cat Food Merchant's Nutrition % Formula
    Protein : 29.0 min 29/90 X100 (%) 32.22 %Fat
    (Fat) : 13.0 min 13/90 X 100 (%) 14.44 %
    Crude Fiber : 9.0 max 9/90 X 100 (%) 10 %
    Calcium : 0.75 min 0.75/90 X 100 (%) 0.83 %
    Phosphrus : 0.05 min 0.05/90 X 100 (%) 0.06 %
    Magnesium : 0.08 max 0.08/90 X 100 (%) 0.09 %
    aurine : 0.05 min 0.05/90 X 100 (%) 0.06 %

Note: Families who use cat food with children need to keep the cat food safe to avoid being eaten by the baby.

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Cat food features

Cat food is economical, convenient, and relatively nutritionally complete. Cat food can be roughly divided into three types: dry, canned, and half-cooked. Dry cat food is a comprehensive food with necessary nutrients, rich in taste, and can also play a certain role in cleaning and protecting teeth.

The price of cat food is divided into a variety of types, and natural food is relatively effective and easy to preserve. Therefore, if possible, try to use this food as much as possible. Next to the cat's dry food, be sure to put clean drinking water; Some people think that cats don't drink water, which is wrong.

Canned cat food made of high-grade raw materials such as shrimp and fish has a wide variety, easy to choose and delicious taste, so it is more popular with cats than dry food. Some cans can be used as staple food cans, and some cans, such as most daily cans, belong to the category of snack cans, and as a staple food may cause nutritional imbalance. Canned food is best not mixed with dry food, the damage to the teeth is greater, and it should be eaten separately. Canned food is convenient for long-term storage, but note that it is easy to spoil after opening.

Half-cooked food is somewhere between food and canned food, suitable for older cats.

Some good quality cat food will add taurine, cats can not synthesize taurine, this amino acid, can only be obtained by catching mice. Cats that are used as companion pets do not have the conditions to catch mice. The lack of this amino acid in cats can affect night vision, so it is necessary to use good quality cat food.

Feeding method

Cats are fed until they are four weeks old. (It is best to eat breast milk until the full moon, in some countries such as the United States, it is recommended that cats eat breast milk for 2 months ~ 3 months)
From the fourth week onwards, mix the cat milk with a little canned cat food in a shallow dish, heat it to lukewarm (if heated in the microwave, it only takes a few seconds, stir well after heating, because the microwave oven is not evenly heated), let them try and get used to the taste of canned cats, and slowly they will eat from the pot. Gradually reduce cat milk and increase canned cats.

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