Detailed explanation of the function of dog combs

Comb: Due to different functions, the material of the comb needle is also different, and the common stainless steel comb needle will have static electricity, which can be avoided by using electrostatic liquid. A good comb needle will polish the tip and will not hurt the dog.
Comb: The shape and size of the comb will change depending on the dog’s body shape and the area it is combing.
Comb pad: The general comb needle needs to have a little softness, so that when you comb the dog, the comb can maintain a little hind legs, so as not to scratch the dog because of the inaccurate pinching.
Comb handle: The structure of the comb handle is mainly convenient for hand grip and force application.

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Types of combs

There are various materials for dog combs on the market, including stainless steel needles, PTFE needles, log needles, plastic needles or bristle comb needles, etc., and various materials are suitable for different applications.

General use: The needle comb commonly used for general combing, the appearance is very similar to our common women's comb. The fineness and length of the comb needle vary, depending on the hair quality of your dog. Try to press the softness of the needle pad so that you don't scratch your dog when grooming it.

For cleaning: The dog comb for cleaning is similar in appearance to a shovel. Its unique feature is that the concave comb needle gathers stray hairs and dander hidden under the dog's hair. Usually this type of comb is used to sort out the dirt after the dog's hair is roughly straightened, rather than the usual use to comb the dog.

For styling: The row comb is a comb commonly used to style dogs. The purpose of the comb: can pick loose hair, so that the hair looks more fluffy and soft; Needles of different scales at both ends of the comb can be used to sort out the tangled parts of the dog's hair.

For massage: Dogs also have combs for massage. Combs made of logs have thicker needles and sharp tips, so even if you push a little, you won't scratch your dog's skin. This type of comb can also be used when the dog is bathing, which is a very convenient washing utensil.

Short-haired dogs also need a suitable comb

Many people think that only long-haired dogs need to be groomed, and short-haired dogs as long as they take a bath and look clean on the outside, but in fact, whether it is a long-haired dog or a short-haired dog, they need to be fixed and groomed.

Because the short-haired dog has a rigid coat and the hair is oblique and cut short, do not choose a needle comb when buying a comb, so as not to scratch a large scar. Short-haired dogs are suitable for using a soft and short bristle comb, the tip of the bristle comb is not sharp, the comb needle density is high, it is not easy to fall off, and the material is natural, which will not irritate the dog's skin and make it have allergic problems.

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Use the comb correctly to make your dog healthier

The action of combing is literally implicit, focusing on "combing" rather than bristles or plucking. Do not use too much force when combing the dog, so as not to pull and tear the dog's hair, not only the dog will feel pain, but even cause skin injury.

When combing the dog, first use a general needle comb, start from the end of the hair to gently comb, and then gradually extend inward, if you touch the tangled hair mass, you can use your hand to pull or put on a little hair moisturizer, and then use the hair removal comb to pick out the tangled, you can easily comb the dog's hair. After roughly combing, use a flat steel brush with a concave comb needle to gather the shed hair and dander hidden underneath, and then sweep out the dirt with a general dog comb.

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