Is the zeolite cat litter used for social media screen brushing easy to use

In the current era of complex Internet information, it is believed that every cat owner has tried various types of cat litter, but the cat litter on the market generally has problems such as poor adsorption performance, strong odor, poor agglomeration effect, and poor ammonia removal effect. Is there really no solution?

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In fact, if you often wander in the information flow of Tiktok or Xiaohongshu, as a cat owner, you must have heard of the existence of zeolite cat litter. As the ceiling of the industry, it can be respected by KOL and bloggers, which is absolutely based on real strength.
As a new type of environmentally friendly cat litter, zeolite cat litter is characterized by its ability to remove odors and is effective for a long time, which completely hits the pain points of cat owners. Not only that, it can also enhance the cat’s immune system, which can be said to be several streets away from other cat litter products! So, what is the strength of this magical dongdong product over other cat litter products? Let’s take a closer look at it!

Due to the low-profile appearance of zeolite cat litter, some children at first glance feel that zeolite cat litter is no different from ordinary cat litter? That would be a big mistake for you! Next, Xiaoguo will introduce you to the “minor defects” of ordinary cat litter.
There are many types of common cat litter:
① Bentonite sand: Cats like its texture, but this type of cat dust is large, easy to take out, and difficult to clean.

② Crystal cat litter: It has strong water absorption, but it is easy to change color. The cat master is very curious about it, and it is also easy to eat it by mistake.

③ Wood dust cat litter: Although this cat litter is soft, the cat owner doesn’t like its larger odor.
④ Tofu cat litter: It has a good covering smell, but the quality of tofu litter on the market varies from good to bad, making it very easy to encounter situations where it can be discarded only once.
⑤ Pine wood cat litter: It has good water absorption, but it requires a separate purchase of a double layer cat litter basin and cat urine pad to use, and has a special smell. Some cats refuse to use this cat litter in the toilet.
Zeolite has the characteristics of ion exchange and adsorption, creating the obvious excellent effect of zeolite cat litter.
/01 Instantaneous decomposition and odor removal analysis/
Due to the high cation exchange capacity and high water absorption capacity of zeolite. Through cation exchange, zeolite cat litter can more effectively remove ammonia and odor, significantly reduce the odor of feces, and improve indoor air quality; Through its water retention ability, it can completely absorb urine and remove moisture inside the box, purify odor molecules, and keep cats away from the bacterial breeding environment.
/02 Non toxic, safe, harmless to lick, effective in inhibiting bacterial reproduction/
Since the 1980s, zeolite has been widely used as a cat litter material in countries such as Japan, South Korea, and the United States. As a natural mineral material, zeolite is an additive mineral in food and health products that has been certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Therefore, it is considered one of the few natural minerals that can be safe as a cat litter material. Even if consumed and digested by pets, it is non-toxic and harmless, will not cause physical harm to cats, and can prevent the growth of bacteria, parasites, or mites
/03 Faster and stronger agglomeration effect/
Zeolite cat litter can quickly absorb and agglomerate cat feces in a short time, absorbing up to 320% of their original volume, without sticking to the bottom, tightly locking in moisture and odor, and locking odor inside.
/04 Reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases in pets/
Zeolite cat litter is directly crushed by natural zeolite, and then subjected to fine filtration to reduce the dust of cat litter to almost zero. It is non-toxic and safe, and can adsorb formaldehyde, thereby protecting the respiratory health of cats and fecal shovelers to a greater extent.
/05 Farewell to sticky bottom, soluble in water in seconds to flush the toilet/
Zeolite cat litter does not stick to the shovel or bottom, with a removal rate of almost zero, which eliminates the daily hassle of cleaning the excrement collector, and allows the excrement collector to always have a clean and sanitary cat litter basin; Do not hang the toilet, dissolve it in water within seconds, pour it into the toilet without any potential blockage, and officials who shovel excrement no longer need to carry the stool downstairs.
/06 PH value is weakly acidic and can adjust the balance of pet intestinal microorganisms to promote growth/
The main component of zeolite is sodium aluminosilicate, which belongs to weak acid and strong alkali salts. It can reduce the intestinal pH value, enhance the production of digestive enzymes in pets, and regulate their intestinal health. Moreover, most cat food is made from feed grade ingredients, which are lower in quality than human grade products, and may contain mycotoxins that can cause gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. Therefore, zeolite cat litter can play a role in protecting the health of cats to a certain extent.

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