Green tea flavored paper cat litter

A new eco-friendly pet product made for domestic pets.

Paper cat litter is a new type of environmentally friendly pet products specially manufactured for domestic pets, independently developed by Hebei Hengdiao Pet Products Co., Ltd., exclusively produced in China, and has been approved by the state as an invention patent product.

  • Chinese name: Paper cat litter
  • Foreign name: The paperlitte
  • Basic raw materials: Paper raw materials
  • Features: Light weight, hygienic and clean, large water absorption
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    Paper cat litter with paper raw materials as the basic raw materials, light weight, hygienic and clean, large water absorption, fast absorption, suitable for cleaning the excrement of cats and dogs, can quickly absorb the urine excreted by pets, the liquid in the feces and the resulting odor, so that the environment is clean and fresh.

    After the paper cat litter absorbs water, it can quickly form a clump, which is easy to clean up, and it can be directly poured into the following waterway after use to avoid peculiar smell caused by garbage storage at home after use, so that bacteria have no chance to reproduce; When entering the sewer pipe, it can be broken down without blocking the sewer pipe.

    Paper cat litter does not contain any chemical materials, high-temperature drying is not harmful to people and pets, and there is no pollution to the environment, it is an environmentally friendly product, so it has more use value.

    Because of its superior performance, paper cat litter will surely become an ideal replacement product for cat litter.


    Paper cat litter is made of recycled paper, which is low-carbon and environmentally friendly, flammable and degradable. Cat litter has large granules, but is lightweight, does not kick up dust, and when urine is absorbed, it becomes dark and condenses into lumps.

    Paper cat litter will not produce powder, the particles are light and absorbent, but the wrapping effect of this cat litter is relatively poor, it is easy to expose the poop to the outside to produce a foul smell, and the environment during the preservation process becomes humid, and it needs to be treated in time otherwise it is easy to stick. Can be flushed into the toilet without causing blockages.

    The vast majority of paper cat litter is inferior in poop coagulation and slightly inferior to other breeds of cat litter in terms of deodorization ability. When many people buy paper cat litter, they generally need to be used with double-layer litter boxes and deodorant products, which is more suitable for young cats, because there is no dust generated, so it is also the gospel of nose-sensitive shovel officers.

    Paper cat litter is environmentally friendly and renewable in the raw material, and a single use cannot avoid the problem of paper cat litter deodorization and coagulation, because of its light weight, it can be used with other types of cat litter or double-layer cat toilets.

    Another problem is that paper cat litter is lightweight, and some cats are used to a cat litter that cannot be adapted.

    Paper sand is repeatedly shaved by cats after absorbing urine, which needs to be cleaned up in time, and the amount is wasteful.

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