What is the difference between tofu cat litter and mixed cat litter?

For cat lovers who want to take care of their cat, in addition to diet and companionship, the choice of cat litter is also a top priority. Currently, there are many brands of cat litter, but the common types are tofu cat litter and mixed cat litter. What are the differences between the two types of cat litter?

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First, tofu cat litter is made of tofu dregs or natural fibers, and the mixed cat litter also contains bentonite;
Secondly, tofu cat litter is water-soluble but attracts insects, while mixed cat litter does not have this characteristic;
Third, tofu cat litter has a fragrance, while mixed cat litter is almost non-existent.
There are many types of cat litter, and it is important to have a good understanding of the selection of litter.

First of all, tofu cat litter is made of tofu dregs or natural fibers. Due to its natural ingredients, even if the cat eats it by mistake, there is no problem. The composition of mixed cat litter is more complex, which can be a mixture of bentonite and tofu cat litter, or other mixtures.

Secondly, tofu cat litter has a certain degree of water solubility and is easy to absorb urine, but it is easy to stick and fragile. In high-temperature and humid environments, tofu cat litter is particularly prone to attracting insects, which reacts with urine during use and has an unpleasant odor. But tofu cat litter is easy to clean and can be flushed directly from the toilet. Mixing cat litter is better, and these problems are rare.

Finally, many businesses like to add flavor to tofu cat litter, such as peach flavor, cherry blossom flavor, and so on. However, each cat has different personalities and preferences for taste, as it is important to carefully choose the flavored tofu cat litter. Mixed cat litter rarely has a fragrance, which is better.
Whether it’s bean curd cat litter or mixed cat litter, it depends on which type the cat likes!

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