Affordable and easy to use cat litter, dust-free and deodorized mixed cat litter

An excellent cat litter needs to have five characteristics: easy to agglomerate, odorless, less dust, non-stick bottom, easy to handle, and safety. However, there are not many cat litter that can meet these five requirements on the market, and mixed cat litter is a very good choice.


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Characteristics of mixed cat litter

Mixed cat litter inherits the advantages of bentonite cat litter with strong agglomeration and better fit for the natural environment of cats, and also inherits the characteristics of tofu cat litter with strong deodorization ability, low dust and fast agglomeration and dissolution. More importantly, the price of mixed cat litter is easily accepted by more consumers.

High quality mixed cat litter

However, it should be emphasized here that professional mixed cat litter is not randomly mixed with bentonite cat litter and bean curd cat litter! It is necessary to go through the ratio test to ensure that the two kinds of cat litter can complement each other! Better quality mixed cat litter will also be added with deodorant factors to enhance the deodorization performance of cat litter.

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