You’ll know which one looks good, crystal cat litter or tofu cat litter!

Crystal cat litter, also known as silica gel cat litter, is a new and ideal pet waste cleaner with excellent properties unparalleled by clay and other cat litter in the past. The appearance of silicone cat litter is white and granular, and some brands will be mixed with beads of different colors, which are light in weight and low in breakage, and can inhibit bacterial growth. Crystal cat litter is a translucent particle, bead, or irregular particle. Many manufacturers will add beads of different colors to it, which will play an antibacterial and deodorant role.

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The first thing to bear is its excellent deodorization ability. The deodorization power of crystal cat litter can be said to be first-class, which can significantly reduce the odor of cat excrement. Of course, many businesses will sell crystal cat litter with a fragrance of flowers and plants, whose purpose is also to cover up the odor; At the same time, the crystal cat litter has no dust and is not easily carried out by cats, making daily living cleaner.

If used for a long time, the adsorption capacity of the cat litter will decrease, and the crystal cat litter will not solidify. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the amount and frequency of cat urination, which is not conducive to our observation of the cat’s physical condition. At the same time, crystal cat litter is generally treated as non combustible waste.

The ingredients of tofu cat litter are natural fresh tofu dregs or natural plant fibers, and there are a variety of derivatives of tofu litter available on the market. Tofu cat litter is an environmentally friendly type of cat litter. Many cat slaves may have lingering fears about the formaldehyde incident two years ago. Officials have also made a statement that the tofu litter produced by regular manufacturers is still trustworthy.

Due to the natural ingredients of tofu sand, it will not cause problems for cats to eat it by mistake. Therefore, tofu sand is a good choice for cats with gastrointestinal problems. The tofu cat sand has good balliness, and the tofu sand is water-soluble. After use, it can be directly thrown into the toilet to flush away. Some cat slaves also use the waste residue to grow flowers.


How to choose between tofu cat litter and crystal cat litter

1. The tofu cat litter material is environmentally friendly and natural, and the crystal cat litter is a chemical material. Although ingested by mistake, it does not cause significant harm, but can cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

2. Crystal cat litter has better balling properties than tofu cat litter in the early stage, but is weaker in the later stage.

Crystal cat litter has better deodorization than tofu cat litter.

4. Tofu cat litter is easy to clean, and it can be directly thrown into the toilet after being formed into a ball.

5. Crystal cat litter cannot observe the condition of cat urine.

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