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Cat litter made from tofu dregs.

Tofu cat litter is made of tofu dregs cat litter, safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, no dust is not easy to cause pollution, good deodorization effect, good water absorption, easy to condense, easy to clean up can be directly flushed into the toilet, but the bean dregs smell is heavier, easy to get damp, breed bacteria, need to regularly shovel feces, frequent cleaning.

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The disadvantages of tofu cat litter

There are many types of cat litter on the market, but inevitably there are some shortcomings, and tofu cat litter is no exception. When it comes to disadvantages, I personally think that they are negligible, and most cat owners can tolerate such shortcomings. What exactly are the disadvantages? Can tofu cat litter still work? How to choose tofu cat litter? Take a good look at it.

The ingredients of tofu cat litter are tofu dregs, tofu fiber, etc., and its disadvantage is that it is easy to stick to the side of the litter box, and cat owners may have to spend some effort when cleaning the litter box. In addition, when the weather is humid, the cat's urine and feces may have a relatively large chemical reaction with the cat litter, and the smell emitted will be more sour. If there are cats that often live in humid weather areas, owners should pay more attention.

Advantages of tofu cat litter

After talking about the disadvantages, let's talk about the advantages of tofu cat litter when used, and there is a reason why it can be loved by most cat owners. Tofu cat litter is first of all light in weight, relatively small particles, and it will be easier to handle. And it can dissolve in water, and when cleaning up, the cat owner only needs to pour it into the toilet and flush it away. If it can't be washed away, in fact, the waste residue of tofu cat litter can also be recycled and used to raise flowers.

At the same time, it can also be mixed with other cat litter, such as bentonite cat litter because it is close to the original sand, so it will be easy to dust, and it will have an impact on the cat's respiratory tract for a long time, but cats really like to play bentonite cat litter? At this time, you can mix tofu cat litter and bentonite cat litter, so that bentonite cat litter is no longer so easy to dust, and cats can naturally play happily.

Tofu cat litter advantages, environmental protection, waste utilization, can directly flush the toilet. Non-dusty, non-toxic, harmless to cats and people. Can condense for easy cleaning. The ingredients are natural, bean flavor, and there are many varieties of derivatives (including tofu Chinese medicine sand, tofu color changing sand, tofu pine core sand, tofu corn core sand). Tofu cat litter disadvantages, tofu cat litter in summer or humid environment is easy to grow worms, agglomeration is not as good as clay sand, the price is also more expensive than clay, crystal.

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How often to change tofu cat litter

Change every 3-5 days, but also once a week or fortnight. If there is only one cat in the house, then change it all once every two weeks. But if there are more cats in the house, it will take a week or even a few days to replace them all. In addition, if the color of the cat litter becomes darker and the agglomeration ability becomes weak, it means that the cat litter needs to be replaced, and the owner only needs to clean the litter box every day.

How to choose tofu cat litter

Now there are many types of tofu cat litter on the market, and some merchants also make tofu cat litter into many flavors, such as green tea, peaches, lavender and so on. Cat owners should pay attention to less stimulating fragrances, too chong smell will make cats disgusted. At the same time, remember to choose a regular cat litter brand.

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