Does the cat like “Pine wood incense”

Pine cat litter is a relatively common type of cat litter on the market today. This type of cat litter is mainly made from recycled pine wood, which is a relatively environmentally friendly type of cat litter. However, for picky cats, not all cats like pine litter. If you are also considering selecting a pine litter for your cats, please refer to the following information.

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The basic efficacy of pine cat litter is similar to that of crystal cat litter. This cat litter is made from pine wood as the main raw material, supplemented by a small amount of natural adhesive granulation. It is free of dust or has a small amount of dust, and does not cause air pollution. Moreover, it has a strong anti permeability ability, and has relatively good agglomeration and odor absorption functions. Absorbs urine directly, can be directly discarded into the toilet for flushing, and usually does not require excessive cleaning. However, pine cat litter will become powdery after absorbing urine, and when the entire basin almost becomes powdery, it can be completely discarded, with a long service life. Basically, pine cat litter is relatively odorless, but the smell of wood is certain. Owners who do not like the smell of pine or other sawdust should consider whether to buy it. The price is slightly higher than condensed cat litter and crystal cat litter.


(1) Excellent water absorption effect.

(2) Less odor.

(3) Low consumption rate and long service life.

(4) Easy to use, turn into powder and discard or flush into the toilet.

(5) It is said to reduce the incidence of lower urinary tract syndrome in FUS cats.



(1) Wood chips are susceptible to moisture and fleas.

(2) Some cats don’t like the smell of wood, don’t adapt to touch, and even refuse to use it.

(3) The price is slightly more expensive than condensed cat litter.

(4) Wood dust can easily be taken out of the basin and contaminate the home.

3Environmental issues:

When other types of cat litter are available, there is no need to cut down trees to make pine cat litter. Therefore, when purchasing, be sure to choose pine cat litter that is indicated as an environmentally friendly reproduction.

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